The Best Festivals & Fairs in Chicago this Fall

Travel Mag

by Paul Joseph

Famous for its bold, cutting edge architecture, Chicago is perhaps only dwarfed by New York as America’s most visually striking metropolis. And like all great urban centres, the city is also teeming with cultural events, with a richly diverse range of festivals and fairs taking place throughout the year. Below are ten of the finest coming up this Fall.


Hyde Park has been a major hub for arts and culture in Chicago for many years, but never more so than when it hosts its annual Jazz Festival. Held each year since 2007, the two-day event draws visitors from far and wide to enjoy a fantastic line-up of local and national jazz artists and performers. Free to enter, it is now well established as Chicago’s premier music festival and its growth is further demonstrated this year with a bolstered programme that will mean even more music to the ears of the 20,000+ jazz lovers expected to attend. As well as its musical offerings, there’ll also be an outdoor dance floor, a wide choice of food and beverage vendors and a picnic area. (Photo: Marc Monaghan)


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