Jazz Heroes 2015 Award Winner TATSU AOKI celebrates 20 years of Asian American Jazz in Chicago at Hyde Park Jazz Festival with his MIYUMI PROJECT. Widely recognized for his ability to adapt Japanese traditional music to the context of Chicago avant-garde jazz, Tatsu has been playing jazz music in Chicago for nearly 40 years. His “East-Meets-West” styled MIYUMI Project is a collaboration between African American and Asian American jazz artists performing large-scale works of traditional and contemporary sounds and rhythms. Tatsu Aoki is the founder and Executive Director of Asian Improv aRts Midwest (AIRMW), the region's leading presenter of the Asian American cultural arts and the critically acclaimed annual Chicago Asian American Jazz Festival and the Tsukasa Taiko Legacy arts residency project. Tatsu is an award winning artist, composer, musician, educator and a consummate bassist and Shamisen Lute player. Based in Chicago, Tatsu works in a wide range of musical genres, ranging from traditional Japanese music, jazz, experimental and creative music. The performance will feature TATSU AOKI, bass; MWATA BOWDEN, woodwind; EDWARD WILKERSON, woodwind; JAIME KEMPKERS, cello; KIOTO, taiko drums; COCO ELYSSES, percussion; and AVREEAYL RA, drums.

Website: http://www.tatsuaoki.com