Tangible Sounds: Lauren Deutsch and 35 Years of Photographing the AACM

Saturday, September 26, 2015  |  1:00pm

Logan Screening Room

 Malachi favors Maghostut, 1979, photo by Lauren Deutsch

Malachi favors Maghostut, 1979, photo by Lauren Deutsch

LAUREN DEUTSCH, Executive Director of the Jazz Institute of Chicago (JIC) for the past nineteen years, has been responsible for collaborating with arts, cultural, educational, and political organizations to create programs that serve the Chicago community. Highlights include the fifteen-year-old JazzCity program; Jazz Links teacher-partnership; Millennium Park's Made in Chicago concert series; and a Made in Chicago festival in Posnan, Poland. Dovetailing with her work as the Executive Director of the JIC is Lauren’s lifelong pursuit of photographically documenting the musicians and the music that have become a signature of Chicago’s “creative soul.” In 1979 she began a body of work--combining her passion for jazz music with a developing vision of interpretive music photography. Through the 80’s to the present, she has continued to create, publish and exhibit her photographic work--mounting exhibitions throughout the US and publishing here, in Europe, and in Asia. Her work has been exhibited in Chicago, most recently at the Museum of Contemporary Art; in Warsaw, Poland at its Museum of Contemporary Art; Moscow, Russia; and New York. In 2008, the Jazz Institute and the City of Chicago jointly published Jazzography: A Portrait of the Chicago Jazz Festival at 30, to which Lauren was a major contributor. The book was created as a companion volume to the exhibition currently on display at the city’s Office of Tourism. The Chicago Jazz Philharmonic and the Hyde Park Jazz Society have honored Lauren for her service to the jazz community, and, in 2004, the Chicago Tribune selected her as one of the Chicagoans of the Year for her contributions to the City’s cultural landscape.

Tangible Sound: A Conversation with Lauren Deutsch and Robert "Baabe" Irving III about creating a visual vocabulary of sound.

Deutsch and Irving will talk about their creative process and how collaboration and improvisation provide a framework for each artist’s work. What are the parallels in creating musical and visual compositions? How do you capture sound in media other than sound? Examples of Lauren's 36 years of exploring sound through photography will be featured during a lively conversation between the two longtime collaborators.

Lauren's photo exhibition, A Musical Metamorphosis — Photographs from 1979-2015, is on view at the Logan Center, Level 2.

Websites: https://www.changemakers.com/users/lauren-deutsch & http://jazzinchicago.org