Majestic Gents & The Nublu Band: Chicago Steppin'

Saturday, September 29, 5:00-6:00PM

West Stage at the midway

THE NU BLU BAND is a high energy group, with tight rhythm section led by MARK MADDOX on lead guitar and DAN HENLEY on drums, and with the powerful vocals of CARLISE GUY, the dynamic daughter of the legendary seven-time Grammy Award winner, Buddy Guy.

The band teams with THE MAGESTIC GENTS for a night of Chicago Steppers at the Hyde Park Jazz Festival. Learn the basic stepping moves from the legendary PETE FRAZIER, and practice listening to live music.

The musicians are: CARLISE GUY (lead vocals); MARK MADDOX (lead guitar); DAN HENLEY (drums); KENYATTA GAINES (backup vocals); MICHAEL STERLING (bass guitar); DAVID HOLLOWAY (keyboards); DARRYL JOHNSON (road manager); and TERESA HENLEY (manager).