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7343 S. Paxton

7:00-8:00pm - "Call and Response" Performance

MAGGIE BROWN is an accomplished singer, songwriter, actress, producer, and director—and according to The Chicago Tribune, also “one of the most fiercely committed artists in Chicago.”

In this, her hometown, Brown is called upon by a diverse list of band leaders to bring authenticity and integrity to whatever the job calls for. With her upbringing rooted in jazz, she is comfortable singing blues, gospel, pop, and even rap, with impressive conviction and flow. Simply put: It is hard to put Maggie Brown into any one category. Whether presenting at a community event or the symphony center, Brown embodies a powerful and passionate performance.

In addition to her work as a theatrical concert artist, Brown also collaborates in classrooms, in after-school programs, and on campuses; consults on entertainment entrepreneurship, musicology, and her own live-performance practices; and conducts songwriting sessions. Her master classes, workshops, and artist-in-residence assignments have included work in Illinois as well as Quad Cities in Iowa. Brown is on the Board of Directors for the Blue Gargoyle Youth Services Organization.

Back Alley Jazz performers include MAGGIE BROWN (vocals); FRED JACKSON, JR. (alto saxophone); SHAWN WALLACE (keyboard); KENARI ALLISON (drums).