Twin Talk

Saturday, September 23


Smart Museum

While many jazz projects point towards a designated leader, Chicago’s TWIN TALK operates as a true democracy. Chicago Tribune’s Howard Reich describes the group as “three musicians responding to one another in subtly nuanced ways, and in a music that’s as lyrical as it is transparent.” Before emerging as Twin Talk, saxophonist DUSTIN LAURENZI, saxophonist KATIE ERNST, and drummer ANDREW GREEN were performing together as Laurenzi/Ernst/Green, releasing their first album and performing at the 2014 Chicago Jazz Festival under that name. The switch to Twin Talk was motivated by the desire to achieve a unified band identity. They released their second, self-titled album in 2016, of which Chicago Jazz Magazine’s Hrayr Attarian writes, “Twin Talk’s eponymous release is a cohesive and original album that brims with a vibrant fluidity and a poetic sense. It is simultaneously angular and melodic, and is provocative and enchanting. The members of the trio weave their distinctive sounds into a charismatic collective expression that instead of sublimating their individualities, it highlights them.”