Fat Babies

Sunday, September 24


West Stage at the Midway

The FAT BABIES are an eight-piece jazz band interpreting classic styles of the 1920s and 30s. Howard Reich of the Chicago Tribune writes, “Ensembles that play early-period jazz are in perpetually short supply, and those that handle repertoire of Jelly Roll Morton, King Oliver, Louis Armstrong and other pioneers at a high technical and artistic level are rarer still. That makes Chicago’s Fat Babies a band to be treasured, these musicians dispatching pre-bebop music with the passion and respect it deserves but rarely receives.” Founded in 2010, its members are founder BEAU SAMPLE on string bass, ANDY SCHUMM on cornet, JOHN OTTO on reeds, JONATHAN DOYLE on reeds, DAVE BOCK on trombone, JOHN DONATOWICZ on banjo and guitar, PAUL ASARO on piano, and ALEX HALL on drums. The Fat Babies have three albums out, including their latest release from 2016, Solid Gassuh. Howard Reich writes of the record, “Though the repertoire is historic, the approach is contemporary. Meaning that these musicians play their scores not as if they're trying to re-create sounds of nearly a century ago (an impossible task, anyway), but as if the composers had just finished putting the ink on the page.”

Website: http://www.thefatbabies.com