ayanah moor

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AYANAH MOOR is a conceptual artist working in print, video, mixed media, and performance. She is currently an Associate Professor in Printmedia at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her work addresses contemporary popular culture by interrogating identity and vernacular aesthetics. She appropriates and revises existing material to invert and expand meaning. "For me,” Moor has explained, “To revise is to act upon a history. It is an acknowledgement of history, a critique of it, and an alternative view. I am intrigued by the social constructs of race, just as I am intrigued by gender and sexuality. In my work, I often play upon notions that we think of as fixed, to invite new definitions."

Moor actively shows her work—most recently in a solo show at Produce Model (Chicago)—and is included in a number of collections including Soho House (London); Proyecto ’ace (Buenos Aires); and The Block Museum of Art (Chicago), among others.


Website: http://www.ayanah.com/