As a youth in Havana, singer/composer/multi-instrumentalist ANGEL D’CUBA(born Angel Luis Badell) was already exploring music from the rest of the world at the same time that he was absorbing and sharing his own rich heritage. He even got into breakdancing as a teenager. His early career on the island included work with the group led by the late Emiliano Salvador, but his time as lead singer with the renowned Latin jazz collective Mezcla, which performed a broad spectrum of world music, soul, rock and jazz as well as “traditional” Cuban styles, was the experience that had the strongest influence on his future approach to music. Adopting a stage name that proudly proclaims his island roots, Angel has spent the past 15 years in Chicago spreading the sultry rhythms of timba: salsa’s funky, Afro-Cuban musical cousin. His CD, Heritage, a collection of pan-tropical jams released last year, features Angel’s own compositions and arrangements in an expanded ensemble setting, showcasing his wide musical range, while still honoring his roots. Writes Chicago Magazine, "It doesn't get any hotter than this."