Sign-up to Volunteer for the 2016 Hyde Park Jazz Festival

We are very excited to see you sign-up for the 2016 Hyde Park Jazz Festival. It's going to be a spectacular year! Click here to see the list of venues. 

There are a wide variety of ways to help out at the Festival.

Sign up if you think you might be available to pick up and artist from the airport or a hotel. We will give you details about the pickups/drop-offs. Time required should be up to 40mins (shifts are just to indicate availability).

Beer Sales
You will be selling beer to festival attendees. At the beginning of the shift you will be instructed on how to take payments.

Greeter/Usher/Crowd Control/Information 
You will help distribute information and direct festival guests as well as assist with volunteer check-in. You will have programs to hand out and provide general information about the Festival. You will also be selling our commemorative HPJF merchandise.

Musician Assistant
In this critical role, volunteers will provide a variety of access points for performing musicians. They will wait curbside in designated loading zones to guide musicians where to pull-up, unload, and how to access the building. Once inside and on-stage, Musician Assistants will get musicians water and overall make sure musicians have what they need and that performances are going well technically. 

Money Collector 
Grants and fundraising help support our ability to hire world-renown entertainment, but individual donations help, too. A plastic collection box will be set up at each location. The money collector will stand near the box and/or carry it through the crowd to welcome voluntary donations. When someone makes a donation, give them a “I gave a buck!” sticker to wear on their clothing.

Sign up Directions
1) Enter your email address.
2) Fill out contact information. Make sure to add your location preferences, t-shirt size, and any health restrictions. For a list of venues please click here.
3) Review the jobs and shifts listed and choose the spot(s) you like.
4) Sign up! It's easy - you will NOT need to register an account or keep a password on VolunteerSpot.
5) Please note: there are a limited number of spots, so please forward the form to family and friends so they can sign up for the same location.

For any questions or concerns please contact:


Brett Swinney, Volunteer Coordinator

Phone: 773-797-2142


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